It’s all about the love...the marriage.
— Jason Smith, Creator, Phat Philly's Cheesesteaks

OK, here's what we mean: We have a long lasting and special relationship with Tulsa.  We're not just a place to come get a great cheesesteak.  We are place with history.  We are Tulsans who truly love what we do and provide for our friends in town and travelers alike.  Those who know us know the passion we put into each sandwich is as important to us as the top quality ingredients that we use.  According to Jason, human energy must be burned so that the last bite tastes just as delicious and satisfying as the first.

Phat Philly's Cheesesteaks was born from Jason's desire to recreate, right here in Oklahoma, the authentic sandwich that Philadelphians loved and proudly called their own. Although his training did not come via the Culinary Institute of America, as he proudly attests, it came by absorbing the sights, sounds and flavors of Philadelphia's South Street neighborhood firsthand. Formal training?---No way. Rigorous training?---You bet. Partying by night and eating as many cheesesteaks as humanly possible by day, Jason emerged from the streets of Philly with a cheesesteak pedigree second to none.

Upon returning to Tulsa, Jason did not incorporate the production line methods used in Philly, rather, he developed an environment where each cheesesteak is made to order. Although our Cheesesteaks may not be served with the same speed as they are in Philly, rest assured this extra time and energy is dedicated to making a superior product. This is what makes Phat Philly's Cheesesteaks unique. It is what makes our cheesesteaks "Phat." 

Come get ya one, and join the family!